Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egg-stra Special Easter

Decorated eggs are a traditional part of the Easter holiday season here in South Texas. A cascaron or confetti egg is a chicken egg that has been opened, emptied, washed and then painted or dyed and filled with confetti. 

These brightly colored cascarones are meant to be broken above people’s heads so they are showered with the confetti.  Confetti eggs can be part of any celebration including birthdays, Halloween, but are particularly used in our area for Fiesta and Easter.

According to tradition, a confetti sprinkling brings good luck to both the one who breaks the shell and the one above whose head it is broken.

Yes, there’s even an app for that!  Just released, there is an iPad and iPhone app called Cascarone that allows you to virtually crack a confetti egg on someone’s head without the mess!

To make a cascaron:
  • Make a small, 1/2-inch hole in the top of an egg and empty out the contents
  • Thoroughly rinse out the egg and let it dry
  • The eggs can then be either dyed with an egg-dying kit or painted
  • Let them dry then fill with confetti using a spoon or small funnel - be green and use biodegradable confetti!
  • Cover the hole with tissue paper and glue it down to keep the confetti inside
  • Then let them fly!
Here are a few of our Easter Egg creations for this holiday season: